Choosing a Realtor

Choosing a Realtor: 10 Questions Your Agent Should be Asking You

Buyers aren’t the only ones who should be asking questions when interviewing agents. After answering all of your questions, it is the agent’s turn to further define your wants and needs by asking these ten questions:

1. Why buy and why now?

Helps the agent gain valuable insight into your reasons for buying a home tailor his or her services to your situation.

2. Are you working with a lender?

If you are not yet pre-approved, your agent will recommend a lender.

3. How many houses have you already looked at?

Helps us learn about your home search efforts and determines whether you are or have been working with other agents.

4. How do you prefer to be contacted?

Knowing the best way to communicate with you, whether via phone, email, or text, will set expectations as to when you (and your agent) are available.

5. What if we found the perfect house tomorrow?

This helps gauge your readiness to move and get insight into your timeline. Are you looking to move in the next three months? If you are a first time buyer, we will also discuss the home buying process.

6. What are your three favorite neighborhoods?

A fun way to talk about where you would like to live while having a conversation about local communities, neighborhoods, and subdivisions.

7. What is your favorite room in the house?

This helps us learn more about your lifestyle and opens up the discussion to features you are looking for in a “dream home”.

8. How important is outdoor/garage space?

In many areas and price ranges, this question quickly eliminates a number of options. Would you be willing to live in a condo or do you require a home with a garage and private back yard?

9. How long do you think you will live in the house you buy?

You may want a house you can enjoy for now that will be easy to sell later. Or you may want a forever home and have more particular requirements.

10. What is a deal breaker for you?

Roads with a lot of traffic? Apartment complex neighbors? No front yard? This question saves time by knowing your deal breakers upfront.

Whether you’re a first home buyer who is learning the ropes or moving onto your next home, these questions should help you to clarify your goals while selecting the right agent for you.

This post has been authored by Eric Slifkin, REALTOR® serving South Florida’s Treasure Coast. You can reach me at 888-288-1765, or visit my Web site. As your resource for information on new or resale homes throughout the Treasure Coast, please be sure to contact me about any home you may find on the Web, yard sign or ad and I will research the property, arrange showings and handle all the details.