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How to Pick the Right Generator

If you live in Florida, you no doubt have experienced (or will experience if you just relocated here) two things: a hurricane and a power outage after the hurricane. There’s not much you can do about the former, but having a standby power source can ease some of the anxiety of anticipating a hurricane and the relief of not living like the Flintstones when you lose power for several days or weeks.

Having experienced my 5th hurricane in 16 years of Florida living, in my opinion the aftermath is often worse than the event, which typically occurs in September, one of our hottest months of the year. So assuming you’ve installed shutters and laid in a¬†week’s worth of food, water, and emergency supplies, you may want to consider adding a generator to your the mix.

Features range from the simplest generator that will power lights and fans to help get you through to models that will power an entire house and central air conditioner. That said, the following is a primer on choosing the right generator for your needs, courtesy of our friends at houzz:

More Power to You: How to Pick the Right Generator

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